The Best Way To Prepare Turmeric Powder


For centuries Indian and Chinese people have been using turmeric curcumin in order to cure a wide range of diseases and conditions and ever since the western world has found out about it, millions of people have started using it on a daily basis. So if you finally decided to get some turmeric powder, but you have no idea about what you need to do to prepare it properly, have no worries. In the paragraphs below we're going to tell you all you need to know about this.



Get some gloves

When you want to prepare turmeric extract for inflammation you'll first of all need to get your hands on a pair of disposable gloves, since turmeric can stain pretty easily and even if it eventually goes away, it's going to take several days until your hands are back to their normal color.

Boil the root

Now considering that you have purchased your root from an authorized seller, you should proceed with boiling it for about forty five minutes. This is a special process that many turmeric manufacturers refer to as curing. When you boil the root, you basically make it softer and therefore it's much easier to grind it once it gets dry. On top of that, this process also improves the turmeric's color and flavor.

Peel it and dry it

After curing the turmeric root, it's time that you use a potato peeler and peel the root very well. Next, take a knife and start cutting it in pieces that are two inches in length. Now when it comes to drying the turmeric, everyone can do it in their own way, but it's best that you dry it in a well-ventilated area and never in the sun. If you do put it in the sun, then its beautiful yellow color is going to fade. As for the amount of time the drying process should take, it's around seven days. In fact, you can tell the turmeric root is completely dry when there's no sign of moisture left and when the root is very hard.

Grind it

You finally have come to the point where you have to grind the root and the best way to do this is by using an electric food processor. If you don't actually have an electric grinder, then you use pestle and mortar to grind it. Since there are going to be large chunks of turmeric root, you need to use a sieve in order to filter them out.